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Strategist, Coach, Connector

Helps you realising your mission and ambition in the world

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What I stand for

The word ‘coach’ sounds almost too artificial. My experience is that it is natural for me to help people progress. The attention I pay, the confidence I give, the order I disrupt, the courage I instil and the movement I create. My drive is to create a better world and I am convinced everyone can contribute to this in his or her own unique way.

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My approach is concrete, action oriented and generates loads of energy

The result: you are confident to pursue your big dreams and you have a clear view of the pathway to get there.

How does it work & what does it cost

Here are some of the people I work with

Astrid – Creates good and safe healthcare for everyone

Chris – Shapes meaningful business

Uthara – Empowers women across the world

Judith – Creates space for movement and vitality

Joep – Fights injustice with a lot of passion

Kirsten – Gives kids a healthy start and parents a healthy choice

Luiza – Brings joy and happiness through self knowledge in the world

Wies – Promotes human rights for all

Gladys – Writes the next Netflix series

Ranya – Strives for excellence in all her initiatives

Dave – Stands and goes for a better future

Kim – Brings more beauty and meaning in life

Are you ready to take on a bigger mission? Or want to share your challenges? Feel free to email or call.

Wieke van Dijken

T: +31 6 4196 0659

T.otal V.ision guide

because your shoes are full of sand
and heavy bags are bruising hands

at half past Sunday on the beach
the sun already thanks the noon
while you’re still searching for a place

when Monday feels much closer by
than the rolling of the sea
as you smell papers on the breeze

now is the time to contact her

she opens doors inside your skin
she walks on in, she feels at home
dusts off that which shone long ago

she mines the crystals in your work
she musters shards of quartz and glass
you never knew how much there was
she shovels flakes into a dune
the flatted plane acquires relief
a shadow raises a new peak

she leads you to the highest point
from which the view is bright again
she is your ‘Total Vision guide’
she listens well, she’ll recommend

if you want sailing, you should go
and dare to wave now to the friend
who stands, remaining on the land

Gera Pronk
(vertaling met dank aan Anne Murton)